Putting the "Ohhh!" in our new Occasion Cards

Sometimes you'd really like to find a card that has just the right sentiment on it, or no sentiment at all, something inspiring to send off to the right person at the right moment. That's what prompted Felix to create Felix Doolittle Occasion Cards. Felix drew a whole new crop of illustrations that are just gorgeous to behold. We paired them with beautiful paper and witty, sweet, and spot-on sentiments written in Felix's own lettering that was made into a font. 

The Occasion Cards are part of the launch of our brand new site which has all kinds of improvements, including the coveted search feature, and an infinitely easier checkout process. Hallelujah! You'll be able to find the entire new collection of Occasion Cards in the Cards department, or just for fun, you could search for it!

Below, I've highlighted some of the collection that have sentiments on them because I can't wait to share that aspect of the cards with you. They were written by our design team, Cara Lichtenstein and Lindsey Ribeiro, and I think you'll agree, they did a brilliant job!

Front: Life is never just black and white...   Inside: ...sometimes it has gold trim.

Front: I can't do this alone.

Inside: thanks for having my back.

Front: We make a great pear.

Felix's favorite: Aww nuts!

One of my favorites because who wouldn't love a camera that looked like that to take around on a daily basis?!

Front: have a spectacular birthday!

Front: Hang in there...   Inside: ...change can be beautiful.

Front: I know it's been ruff... Inside: ...but every dog has it's day.

And there's many more! Take a heart warming and inspiring jaunt over to the collection. I assure you that when your order arrives, you'll be exclaiming, "Ohhh!!" Then you'll know why we chose the term Occasion Cards, rather than Greeting Cards. Occasion Cards have that built in wow factor, that "Ohhh!" of the trifecta of beautiful illustrations, handwritten font, and beautiful stock!

Write on!
You may even want to frame them or keep them for yourself. I wouldn't tell.

Loren Sklar