Best-Ever Blueberry Sorbet... with Vodka!

I still remember my first sorbet experience. It was in Paris many years ago, and that explosion of fruit flavor was a taste revelation. When we were recently invited to a friend’s farm a little over an hour away, we knew that (one of) the happy outcomes would be freshly made blueberry sorbet. The orchard of 50 blueberry bushes was laden with billions of blueberries. We were in blueberry nirvana. Here's what blueberry nirvana looks like...

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Host and Hostess Gifts that Get You Invited Back!


Oval Paperweight

Summer is the time for visits with friends and family often to wonderful getaways by the beach, lake, and mountains. Bringing or sending a host & hostess gift for that bungalow stay is a way of expressing gratitude that lasts beyond your stay and reminds your hosts of the good times you shared together.  See our 5 great gift suggestions.

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