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Tips for making the most of Letter Writing Month

Felix Doolittle Writing Papers

April is National Letter Writing Month - the perfect opportunity to call up Karen Fullerton who has studied the art of letter writing and leads courses on the topic. Last year she gave a love letter writing workshop for a small (but lucky) group at our shop, The Paper Mouse. It was eye-opening to see how the attendees came to understand the components of a great letter after Karen's reading different examples aloud. Many of the participants exclaimed that they wrote the best letter they had ever written that day!

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Felix Doolittle is going BIG!

After a lifetime of drawing tiny, the artist behind Felix Doolittle changes scale and goes big with 16x20 Art Prints! Read on about how Felix began drawing and his decision to go BIG! 

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Host and Hostess Gifts that Get You Invited Back!

Summer is the time for trips near and far to visit friends and family. Bringing along a unique gift is a way of expressing your gratitude that lasts beyond your stay and reminds your guests of the good times you shared together. Check out these gift ideas that are sure to get you invited back again! 

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Let's Color!


Did you love coloring, and the mesmerizing, meditational place it transported you to when you were a child? Whether you're a newcomer to the pleasures of coloring, or if you're returning to the happy memories of the past, you're going to love this collection of 3 downloadable illustrations by Felix that just beg to be colored! I've also asked Felix for his coloring tips. It's almost like having a coloring lesson with Felix sitting next to you. Almost. For that, you'll have to visit our visit store, The Paper Mouse, for one of our coloring events! 

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Our new shop, The Paper Mouse

We didn't have a plan to open a shop for Felix Doolittle, but there we were on a sweltering day in August signing a lease on a place that needed a lot of love. We called it The Paper Mouse after Jenny who is born in the Year of the Mouse.... 
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New Autumn & Winter Wedding Invitations | Paperless Post x Felix Doolittle

Autumn Boughs
Getting married in Autumn or Winter and looking for just the right Felix Doolittle wedding invitation suite? Take a look at our collection of cool weather invitations that we created with Paperless Post. 
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The Conversation Continues -- Personal Calling Cards


It's summertime with all the ease of everything that entails - easy clothing, easy weather, easy food, and easy travel! Summer brings us outside and the warm (ok, blistering hot) weather must melt our hearts too, because everyone seems friendlier these days. Strangers speak to us and we speak to them while we wait together in line ...for ice cream, or at one of the local ponds nearby. Maybe you'll be traveling abroad and meet people who feel like soul mates, or soul sisters and brothers, and you must stay in touch. How to continue the conversation, the connection, that was started? Easy. Personal Calling Cards.

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30 Days of Gratitude - A thank you note challenge

April is National Letter Writing Month. Sure, it's most likely devised by the US postal service, but who cares! It prompts us to make time to slow down and write a note or letter. It's a gift really. We came up with the idea of using the month to pen 30 notes of gratitude. 

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March 12, 2015

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Felix Fu › interview ›

An Interview with Felix

Here's a chance to get to know the mysterious man behind Felix Doolittle - an interview with artist and designer Felix Fu.

Felix Fu of Felix Doolittle

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Announcing: Felix Doolittle for Paperless Post!

We're excited to share some big news!

Read more about our new collaboration with digital correspondence pioneers Paperless Post and see some samples from our joint collection.

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