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The Conversation Continues -- Personal Calling Cards


It's summertime with all the ease of everything that entails - easy clothing, easy weather, easy food, and easy travel! Summer brings us outside and the warm (ok, blistering hot) weather must melt our hearts too, because everyone seems friendlier these days. Strangers speak to us and we speak to them while we wait together in line ...for ice cream, or at one of the local ponds nearby. Maybe you'll be traveling abroad and meet people who feel like soul mates, or soul sisters and brothers, and you must stay in touch. How to continue the conversation, the connection, that was started? Easy. Personal Calling Cards.

Personal Calling Cards are a wonderful and memorable way for people to remember you and to stay in touch with just the right amount of personal information. We just added 16 new illustrations too!  Here's several.


Send us a photo of you and your calling card on your summer adventure. Use the hashtags #fxdoolittle and #summertravel, and tag us on Facebook (@felixdoolittle). Not on social media, but want wouldn't mind being there if I posted for you? Send your photos to me at  When you're taking the photograph, you can discreetly cover your personal information with your hand.  Have a story to tell about an experience you've had? Let us know in the comments below.

We hope that summer and your calling cards bring you into some truly fabulous adventures!




Loren Sklar


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