Let's Color!

Felix's Hand-Drawn Illustrations to Color & Coloring Tips

Did you love coloring, and the mesmerizing place it transported you to when you were a child? Whether you're a newcomer to the pleasures of coloring, or if you're returning to the happy memories of the past, you're going to love this collection of 3 downloadable illustrations by Felix that just beg to be colored. I've also asked Felix for his coloring tips. It's almost like having a coloring lesson with Felix sitting next to you. Almost. For that, you'll have to visit our visit store, The Paper Mouse, for one of our coloring events! 

Coloring is about relaxation, focus, discovery, and fun. As an avid colorer as a kid, I found that the way the colors interacted and blended was an ongoing revelation. When you're so deeply focused, the personal discoveries and the peace that follows can be the goal in and of itself. It's the meditative nature of coloring!

Markers or Pencils

Felix and I are putting in our joint vote for color pencils over markers. We love markers, but one of the things that we both always thought was fun about coloring was the ability to shade and mix colors, and that's much easier to accomplish with pencils. We suggest investing in a good quality color pencil set - the coloring journey be will more enjoyable as will the results.

Our favorites are the Prismacolor Premiers, Faber-Castell Polychromos (which sounds like the unbeknownst Greek god of coloring), and the Staedtler Ergo and Aquarelle sets. These pencils have a lot more pigment in them, and are sometimes labeled as soft or rich-colored pencils. They're also a little more expensive... but worth it! 

How large a set?

What's the right number of colors to purchase if you don't already have a set? Purchase the number of colors that looks exciting without being overwhelming to you. That may be 12, or that may be 72. You'll know. It could be 24, 48 or 60. Here, Felix is using a set of 60 Staedtler Aquarelles (but without the water component). Instead of purchasing an inexpensive set with a large quantity of colors, you will be better served by finding a higher quality set of a limited number. Felix feels 48 is the right number. I do like that 60 set very much!


Many of the current coloring books feature images with great detail and patterning. Felix and I both enjoy the coloring pages where there's room for imagination, play, and for the blending and layering of colors. Start out with a light application of one color, and then add another color on top. It could be one that is close to the first color or next to it on the color wheel. Try adding a third color in the same light handed way on top of the other two. You'll see a depth of color starting to emerge. 

Open-ended coloring

Since the coloring options are so open-ended with Felix's illustrations that we've included, you can color one illustration a number of different ways.  Maybe you'll change the dress patterning to stripes, bigger flowers, or polka dots. What markings and coat color will the cat have? Ready to start? Download your coloring pages here

Felix's coloring suggestions:

1. Use a light hand. Of all Felix's suggestions, this one is always first. Start by coloring lightly. You can always go deeper and richer, but if you go dark and strong too quickly, you won't have the room to blend colors as easily.

2. Start with the brightest lightest colors first.

3. Have a good pencil sharpener nearby. Sharpen your pencil for the intricate details or as you get closer to a line.

4. It's ok to jump aroundUsually people start in the center and work their way to the edges. It’s ok to jump around. For instance, if you’re going to color all the inside of a flower in red, then go ahead and do all the red first. 

5. If you're worried about sweaty hands or your wrist smudging your already colored parts of your drawing, put a plain piece of paper under your hand to avoid smearing.

6. Overlay colors - the layering of different colors will show complexity, and you can use the heaviness of your stroke or the layering of colors to show light and volume. 

7. Don't worry about mistakes. Coloring is both a process and a journey. 

8. Have fun and enjoy the experience! (And then send us photos of the results!)

We can't wait to see your interpretations and coloring! Send us your photos via dnstagram, Facebook, or email. A coloring contest is ahead! 
 Happy coloring!






Loren Sklar