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We didn't have a plan to open a shop for Felix Doolittle, but there we were on a sweltering day in August signing a lease on a place that needed a lot of love. We called it The Paper Mouse after Jenny who is born in the Year of the Mouse. The store is a collaboration between Victor Lee and his wife, Jenny Zhang, Felix Fu, and me, his wife.  The Paper Snake, The Paper Pig, The Paper Tiger, just didn't work. The Paper Mouse, yes! 

Felix's sketches for possible logos. 

Trips to the Brimfield Fair and the NY Gift Show began the process and continued with Felix spending hours at night pouring over Pinterest for inspiration, and then building the furniture and painting the walls. Fabulous interior designer and dear friend, Cassie Gurnon, lent a hand by helping us with the color of the back half of the store which is so beguilingly perfect, we could sell cans of paint and Felix Doolittle stationery and do just fine. But there's more.

Some people are seeing Felix Doolittle for the first time and fall in love with the drawings, and the quality. Our Illustrated Bookmarks have been wildly popular.

What we do sell is all sorts of things related to writing, beautiful and curious gifts, toys, and apparently, The Paper Mouse has a sweet tooth because we have some delicious treats too, and what would life be without good chocolate?!  

We carry divine chocolates, beautiful journals, some hand-bound with leather covers and hand-torn pages, some made out of stone (not joking), and one that is printed with photo chromatic ink that turns blue when you bring it outside. We have a few chosen books and coloring books and the colors for them, ribbons and scissors from Italy, carved stones from Haiti, teas in a sunny yellow canister that will make you happy whether or not you're drinking the tea which is like a gift with every sip, all sorts of pencils and pens from around the world, erasers to make you eraser-obsessed even though you thought you'd never be, wallets for men with an ultra-slim profile and dyed through for better aging (can we get that), and more things and sculptures we couldn't pass up. In short, it's a quirky collection of the best kind! 

The wall of Felix Doolittle Occasion Cards and Hello! Cards 

It's a recipe for feeling happiness, or love, or peace to see Felix's work displayed like this.

Our Pencil Bar

Erasers from Belgium

My all-time favorite single pencil - 7 colors in one pencil. Great fun!

...and pens!! Must try them to experience them.


The fold-able, pose-able wooden puzzle for kids that folds back into a cube.

This one, Julian created called Bedtime Story. 

A class we held before Valentine's Day led by Karen Fullerton called,

The Love Letter Writing Workshop 

Notebooks made out of stone. The paper is tear-resistant, waterproof... and soft!


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1274 Washington Street, West Newton, Mass 02465

Loren Sklar



Donna M. Chambers-Rau

September 13, 2016

I have been buying Felix’s cards, Personalized
Stationery, and canning labels for many years.
I am writing today in hopes someone can tell me how I might go about having Felix design a canning label for the Gooseberry Jam I make every year . I have all of Felix’ other jam canning labels , but alas no Gooseberry ! Please help !

Sandra White

July 28, 2016

I am so glad you now have a blog. It’s exciting to see pictures of your new shop. I hope I can visit sometime. Having your beautiful pieces of art to use for my letter writing has meant so much. Using them has given me such a happy heart. Felix’s talent is a gift to all.


July 03, 2016

My daughter and I were lucky enough to be in the shop when Felix was there……yes, the drawings are whimsical and happy and oh so beguiling, but we found the story of Felix’s life to be just as rare. The only thing I can remember is that his father gave him tuition for one year of college, but couldn’t continue to do so and Felix went to work. I wish I could remember the “twisted path” he took. It was inspiring. Would you mind terribly telling me the end of the story.
I love more than anything, of course, The Paper Mouse that allows all of us to share his art….he is simply a genius and I’m so happy for all of your success! Thank you so much……Bonnie

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